Design + Build is an integrated remodeling concept that delivers design and construction services under one contract with a single point of responsibility and accountability.  This single point approach provides optimum cost and non-cost value through better project coordination, scheduling, communication and collaboration.

When the project scope and design elements are combined and considered early in the remodeling project, along side of an intimate knowledge of construction costs, the project has the best chance of meeting the homeowner’s project criteria and budget while greatly reducing the likelihood of any project delays.

Design + Build provides the homeowner the opportunity to consider cost in the selection process along with technical, design, management, past performance and other non-cost qualitative factors to maximize the likelihood of project satisfaction.

By using the Design + Build approach the homeowner will have the most complete project scope and budget information on which to base project decisions.

Design + Build Process

  • Phase 1
    Project Development
  • Identify Project objectives and budget consistent with lifestyle and needs.
  • Evaluate existing conditions of home requirements.
  • Create project scope and budget outline.
  • Phase 2
  • Create schematic design with new floor plans.
  • Design Development: Document design elements to include finishes and fixture selections.
  • Construction documents are drafted to include technical specifications.
  • Phase 3
  • Site prep and planning to prepare the home for construction.
  • Building / Construction including demolition through wrap up and inspections and approvals.
  • Wrap up and Decommission: Complete “punchlist”, remove all construction materials, turn over your new home.