Spring 2021 Newsletter

A Note From Jeff

Greetings and Happy Spring!
What a difference a year makes! I hope our newsletter finds you in good health and peace of mind.
Thank you for your support and patience over the past year as we navigated the shutdown, wrestled the supply chain, and permit delays. We made it!

Our team of employees, trade, and supply partners did a fantastic job of keeping us all safe while adapting to the challenges of producing construction work with social distancing and protective measures in place. I’m so thankful for their dedication, professionalism, and care for each other and our clients.
We have been fortunate to find great people to add to our team. Cory Covington joined us last May to lead our design department; Daniel Leyva in July as project coordinator and Samia Sultagi most recently as a designer (bio below).

Renovation activity in San Francisco is robust, fueled by the desire to reconfigure living spaces to address the needs highlighted by staying home: room to work, school, and relaxation. Expanding space indoors and out and those nagging deficiencies in function, flow, and aesthetics are now at the top of many homeowner’s fix-it lists.
Every day there are improvements around us and signs of finding a new acceptable norm from a shorter backlog at the city permitting office to more timely supplies and yes-vaccinations!
Stay well and warm wishes for the rejuvenation of spring,

Virtual 3D Technology

Houseworks utilizes the latest modeling technology to create virtual remodel scenarios in 3D. Lidar, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure distances. Mainly used for self-driving cars, lidar technology is available on Apple’s Pro series products, allowing us to scan and capture not only the walls, floors, and ceilings but switches, outlets, mechanical, and plumbing systems in a home. Capturing this amount of detail in 3D gives us the ability to renovate a space virtually and within the constraints of all existing conditions.

Thank you!

We are thankful for the many clients and partners over the years who have voiced their positive feedback while working with us. We would love to share those kind words online with others, so they too can feel more confident about choosing Houseworks. If you’re comfortable sharing and feel inclined to do so, please click here:

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“From my first meeting with Jeff and throughout the construction process, he and his team were a pleasure to work with. His construction crew and all the sub-contractors were professional, courteous and highly skilled. I would use the Houseworks team again and recommend them to anyone considering construction work on their home.”

-Thom J., 2021

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