Remodeling: A Cost-Effective San Francisco Home Addition

The Unfinished Garage or Storage Space

With a limited average home lot width of 25′ and the myriad of building restrictions, it might appear impossible for homeowners to complete a home remodeling addition in San Francisco.

Fortunately, many San Francisco homes have an unfinished garage or storage space. Are you familiar with this area? The receptacle for laundry machines, dusty exercise equipment, and the hallowed gear for Burning Man or Camp Mather?

These unfinished spaces are the most cost-effective areas to convert into beautiful, finished home additions despite the typical low ceilings, uneven floors, and an exposed labyrinth of plumbing and electrical systems. We can lower floors, add windows and doors, and reconfigure systems, resulting in a beautiful home addition.

Remodeling these unfinished spaces, which are within the home’s existing footprint, has many advantages. First, the approval of a building permit can be months faster than an exterior addition. Additionally, a home’s building system commonly runs through the garage or storage areas which means less effort and cost to access and tie in. Finally, the impact on adjacent living areas can remain minimal therefore creating less disruption to daily living or having to relocate during construction.

Design + Build process

We begin with a programming plan which includes documenting the current home conditions and discrepancies. What will make the home more suitable for the homeowner? Is there enough space to add an extra bedroom, office, or bathroom? Access to light, air, and adjacent spaces all factor into a design plan. Does it require extensive digging, structural upgrades, or permitting challenges? The level of effort and difficulty required to achieve the program becomes central. Lastly, our construction team evaluates the design and budget against construction feasibility and accurate costs while still in the design phase.

Benefits of Design + Build

The design + build model provides a complete picture under one source of responsibility. For homeowners, it provides important budget considerations early in the design process in which to make better informed decisions about their project. In contrast, homeowners using a design + bid solution tend to discover much later in the process that the intended project is incompatible with their budget, permitting or construction feasibility. Consequently, this results in a higher percentage of project abandonment. When homeowners are equipped with critical cost information early in the design process, there is less project abandonment, a reduction in overall cost, and decreased frustration levels.

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