Andi Yablonsky


An artist for more than half her life, Andi Yablonski uses her creativity to not only produce large scale oil paintings but thoughtfully designed spaces.  Beginning her career as an art educator, artist, and dancer she left teaching to pursue a BFA in Interior Architecture from the Academy of Art San Francisco.  While finishing her degree, she began working at Scavullo Design.  Working on high design, high budget projects, she worked her way up to lead designer all the while gaining an appreciation for the intimacy and intricacy of residential design.  As a consultant, Andi collaborates with several designers, creating both residential and commercial spaces that reflect those who inhabit those spaces.

Andi pulls inspiration from many different sources and tailors the design to each client, creating spaces that are unique and personal.  Custom furniture design as well as customizing made to order pieces are hallmarks of her design as are bold works of art.  Whether painted by her or simply curated, her motto of “put art everywhere!” rings true.