Green Building

We believe that remodeling your home will make it kinder to the environment and create a healthier place for you to live. We adhere to San Francisco’s most forward-thinking and effective planning and building practices to preserve our built environment and balance present needs, future resources, and the history and culture of our past.


We make sure that our materials are reused or recycled and that construction impact on indigenous landscaping is minimal, from verified recycling to the active protection of existing trees during remodeling. As certified EPA RRP builders, we keep our sites safe and strive to protect the health of our clients, employees, and the local environment.


Conserving water is an important necessity for our city and region.  There are many strategies to reduce water usage.  Some examples of what we will discuss with you are low-flow water fixtures-toilets, faucets, a hot water recirculation system, a solar hot water system, and grey water irrigation systems. During the design process, we will guide you in making the best choices.  


We will source materials for sustainability by selecting environmentally friendly goods and by using building practices that encourage durability and promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient practices. This can be accomplished with Optimal Value engineering that uses less raw material; the use of materials from environmentally stewarded forests; and recycled, reclaimed, rapidly renewable or locally manufactured materials. 


We can advise you on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, from installing new windows and doors to the incorporation of solar energy technologies. We adhere to Title 24 compliance standards by recommending energy efficient products for your home to lower costs, improve comfort, and reduce environmental impact.


We care about your health and are committed to maintaining green building standards of site sustainability, water efficiency, energy management, material selection, indoor environmental quality, and innovation in building practices. We are committed to supporting the integrity of our ecosystem for your future and the future of our magnificent city.