Green Building

HOUSEworks takes a practical approach to Green. We believe there are clear benefits of incorporating Green into a remodeling project.

Energy Savings – The right green technology investments produce a measurable savings on energy costs.
Health – Thoughtful material selections produce healthier living environments.
ROI – Green building improves the resale value of a home.
Desirability – Potential home buyers view Green homes as a positive attribute.


What are the key principles of building Green ?

Waste materials management/site protection – insures that materials are reused or recycled and that construction impact on indigenous landscaping is kept minimal. This can include anything from verified recycling to the active protection of existing trees during remodeling.

Water usage – seeks to minimize water use in ways that are largely transparent to the end user. This can include anything from a low-flow toilet to hot water recirculation system to a Solar Hot Water System.

Material selection – This area encourages the selection of environmentally friendly materials and the use of building practices that encourage durability. This can be accomplished in a number of ways including:

Optimal Value engineering that use less raw material.

Use of materials from environmentally stewarded forests.

Use of recycled, reclaimed, rapidly renewable or locally manufactured materials.

Energy efficiency – This area focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of your home. This can be touched on by installing an Energy Star dishwasher or achieved more dramatically through the incorporation of solar energy technologies.

Health impact – This area calls for the use of materials and systems that improve the air quality inside a home – You may install something as simple as a low wattage, always on bathroom fan; use low V.O.C. paints; use formaldehyde free products; and/or install an automated fresh air circulation system to collect points in this area

HOUSEworks – What being a BuilditGreen™ Certified Green Builder means to you HOUSEworks is a trained and certified GreenPoint Builder and can design your project so that it qualifies for a coveted GreenPoint certification

HOUSEworks can provide guidance throughout the planning and construction process that will enable a remodel to be Green with a minimal (typically not exceeding 5%) impact on overall construction costs.

We’ve been certified by Build it Green (see: Builditgreen.org) who works tightly with local building departments and is the leading Green Building authority in California. Beginning in late 2008 Green Certification has become a requirement in many municipalities for both new construction and remodels. This requirement is going to quickly become universal and is being requested by homeowners, even when not mandated.

Green certification utilizes the same 5 key principle addressed in the section above.