Got Germs?

Products with no touch sensor technology are becoming more available in the residential arena. These products not only meet universal design standards, they are energy and water efficient in addition to appeasing the germaphobe in all of us.

Let’s take a virtual no touch walk through a home…

Lighting is automated and hands free in any room where a Leviton occupancy or vacancy sensor is installed. Walk in the bathroom and the Toto automatic toilet lid opens. Hover your hand over the Kohler tank sensor to flush.  On the counter you can use a touchless soap dispenser. In the kitchen you go to wash your hands after handling raw meat. No worries about contamination with a no touch kitchen faucet like the Kohler Response Technology series or perhaps the Grohe Minta Touch, which can be operated with just a touch of the wrist, back of a hand or forearm. The newest Nest Learning Thermostat learns your heating and cooling preferences over time and then automatically programs itself to regulate a perfect no touch temperature. Goodbye germs! Hello convenience and efficiency!