What is Design-Build?
Design-Build is an integrated remodeling approach that delivers design and construction services under one contract with a single point of responsibility.  The single point of accountability provides optimum cost and non-cost value through better coordination, scheduling, communication and collaboration.

Why use Design-Build?
Design-Build provides the homeowner the opportunity to not only consider cost in the selection process, but to primarily utilize technical, design, management, past performance and other non-cost qualitative factors to maximize the likelihood of project satisfaction.
When the project scope and design elements are combined and considered early in the remodeling project, with an intimate knowledge of construction costs, the project has the best chance of meeting the homeowner’s project criteria and budget while greatly reducing the likelihood of any project delays.
By using the Design-Build approach the homeowner will have the most complete project scope and budget information to base project decisions on.

What makes HOUSEworks different from other contractors?
While most contractors talk about their roster of finished products, we speak about the relationships we have built with our customers. Being asked to do a second or third project is the key to how we measures its success.

Are you licensed and insured?
We are licensed by the California State License Board as a corporation. We carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Automobile Insurance. We also check that all our trade contractors are fully insured.

How do I get HOUSEworks to provide an estimate for a project?
After an initial telephone conversation, an appointment is made for an estimator to view your project. At that meeting, we have a walk thru and thorough discussion about the full scope of work including your goals and expectations. We may ask to have our subcontractors view your job as well. We do not charge for these initial meetings. You subsequently will receive a cost estimate either by e mail or in person if you prefer.

What makes HOUSEworks estimates different?
Most homeowners have heard a horror story or two about the $250,000 remodel that cost $500,000. At HOUSEworks we pride ourselves on providing thorough and clear estimates. We incorporate best building practices into our planning and strive to include every known facet of a project in our estimates. Circumstances that can’t be assessed until a project is underway(for example: Mold or Dry Rot) are clearly notated. We work hard to be honest and thorough in our pricing.

Will HOUSEworks give us the best price?
HOUSEworks may not give you the lowest price, but we will give you excellent value. HOUSEworks full service, attention to detail and excellent customer communication will help you realize the highest degree of long-term satisfaction for your remodeling project.

Will there be any Change Requests on my job?
Sometimes change requests are needed for unforeseen conditions. These typically represent items such as dry rot damage, code violations that are encountered in the course of construction or other conditions that may not be visible until demolition begins. In addition, there are often requests for additional work by a client. Change Request work will never begin until the change in scope of work has been explained and a signed Change Request contract has been authorized by our client.

What if we have our own architect?
HOUSEworks is happy to work with your design professional – and does so frequently. By careful collaboration, we can implement plans and often add additional insight before construction begins.

Does HOUSEworks do minor repair work?
We have found it best to concentrate on our remodeling jobs and recommend a Handyman service for repairs. If we are currently working on your job site, or in the neighborhood we are happy to assist with minor repairs. Please call to see if we are in your neighborhood.

Who at HOUSEworks will manage my job?
An experienced HOUSEworks Project Manager will closely manage your project. Your Project Manager will ensure the highest production quality and schedule management. You will get ongoing communication on the progress of your work and any choices that arise in the course of construction. The Production Manager can be reached by cell phone and e mail. The Project Manager is supported by our talented office staff at all times.

How does HOUSEworks invoice for services?
10% of the total job cost is collected upon signing of the contract (up to a state allowable maximum of $1000). Once the job has commenced, billing is weekly and is based on the percent of your job that has been completed.

Are customer references available?
We have references available for qualified customers. If you’d like to see some of our projects, we can arrange a visit.